Monday, February 16, 2015

Monday, Monday

We are in a holding pattern with our weather, cold, breezy (see that I used breezy, not windy), snow coming later tonite, hmm...sounds like a broken record.

But we must move along, washer in the back ground means it's a wash day, I try not to wash clothes on the weekend or at least not Sunday, would like to think that is my day of rest. For two people we sure do have lots of laundry, lol.

Later this week Les (hubby) and I have an appointment with a potential client who may want to send some of his treasures to auction, so I will let you know the outcome of that. We were happy to get that call, it proves that advertising no matter how small or big does work.

Have a good day, I am going outside around lunch when the Sun will be high in the sky to move some snow, wish me luck :-).

Happy Presidents' Day friends.

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  1. Hey, same question in my household, how can two people generate so much laundry...Good luck with the snow...fifteen below for us this evening...Yippee