Monday, November 5, 2012

Nice Too Be Back

After 90 plus hours with out lights, water, heat our power was restored late in the day on Friday. Many of our friends and family in New Jersey are still struggling without power to this day. Les and I work on Friday and Saturday at auctions, so yesterday it was our day off. We just loafed all day, enjoying the comfort of our home. Being the pioneer couple kicked our butts last week. Les kept the woodstove going so that the house stayed warm and we could heat the food up that I had made last weekend. But believe me that got old real fast. We lost all of our food in both our refrig and freezer, so today I was at the grocery store re-stocking. I know that losing our food is nothing compared to one losing their home and or their loved ones. I am not going to go on and on about being taking showers and being warm. We are just thankful that we are. I tryed reading everyone's blogs but on the cell phone is tough, so I gave it up. By the third day of being off the computer I realized that I was not missing it all that much. So, I think I am going to change how much time I spend on the computer and start reading more, which is what I did last week and really did enjoy it. Have a wonderful Monday evening. Please keep all of the people who are still struggling in New Jersey in your prayers.