Sunday, October 28, 2012

All Ready For The Big One

So, by now everyone must know we are waiting the arrival of Sandy, no not a friend! Hurricane Sandy, Tropical Storm Sandy, Pain in the butt Sandy, I could go on but I think you get the picture. I cooked some one pot meals today in case we lose power which I am sure we will, but I can heat them up on the woodstove. Even our power company thinks so too. I got a e-mail yesterday to be prepared for three days without power and this evening I got a call from the robo and it said be prepared to be without power for seven, ugh. Les and I covered things, moved things and stowed away things. If Sandy should take them,then we were not meant to have them :-). Candles, lanterns, matches, dry wood are all at the ready. We have a half and half celler, half dirt floor and half cement floor, so there will be water, not much we can do there, no generator, just never found the cash to buy one and have it hooked up. Storms windows are pulled down, bathtub filled up (so we can flush), cause once we lose power we lose everything, no water, no toilet, no heat, no stove. Ducks are snug and kitties are too. Stay safe all my East Coast friends and family, keep us in your thoughts.