Saturday, July 31, 2010

So Long July...I will miss you.

Oh not the heat and humidity that we experienced here is PA, but all the memories that were made this month. We started out with a "Friends Reunion" on the 10th of July back in the town of Metuchen. NJ where Les & I both grew up. This reunion was a group of the people that we went to high school with or friends that we made when we were out of school. We had people come from Wisconsin, Colorado, Maine, Virginia, Florida, Pennsylvania, New Jersey. It took place in Metuchen at a very special couples home. Plenty of good friends, good food, good times. Our friend from Colorado came and stayed at our house for a couple of days, so there were more memories made. Then today we had childhood friends of Les' that he went to grammer school and beyond with, along with their Mom, who was very good friends with Les' parents. We had a good visit here at the house, then lunch at the local diner and onto showing them the sites of Hellertown and Bethlehem. So........that's why we will miss July. Our only hope is that we all can get together again and share this month's memories and make some more.