Thursday, April 29, 2010

They're Hatching

The goslings that is. I went out this evening to throw leftover corn from my ducks out to Mr. & Mrs. Goose and there it was. One fluffy gosling sitting on Momma's back. I watched for a few minutes and left them alone with their new babe. I'm sure there are more, but there is always one that is a rebel and has to break loose no matter how young they are. I will try and get some pictures posted this weekend of the whole family.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Show Time

Good Morning All. Shortly we will heading off to New Hope, PA for our Saturday Antique Show @ Eagle Hall Firehouse. It is located on Sugan Road and Route 202. This show supports pediatric aids, great cause!! Truck is almost packed, just need to add a few more items and that will be it. I have a new header picture, thats our Red Bud tree with the pond behind it. Les needs to fix the picture for me or at least show me how and then you might even get to see the goose sitting on her nest. She has eight eggs and is being a very good Mom, gets off only once a day to take a bath and eat some grass or corn that I have left over from the ducks. Well, I need to get a move on. Have a great weekend.