Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Auction Time

Yep, today is our Tuesday Auction, the day we work at yet another part-time job, we have many. Not that we are complaining :-), we both love the auction scene.

I have my eye on a few things that are coming up today, we will see how that develops :-).

Antique show is coming up in the beginning of March and we need "stuff". Some would say we have "stuff" but your new "stuff" always goes first. Happy :-) because we are selling, sad :-( because it is a two day show and we want people to come in our booth the second day!

Hope all is well with you my friends. Warmer weather today, but BIG RAIN is coming tomorrow, 1-3 inches!!! 

Take care, have a great day and I will be back soon.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

OH Yeah!!!

If you remember back on Tuesday of this week Les and I were off to work at the weekly auction and I was going to look at what was being called a bakers rack. Well, we had a indication that it was not a bakers rack but in fact a wooden rack from a shoe factory. I have wanted one of these racks FOREVER, FOREVER I tell you. And low and behold guess what I got? You are right!!! I got the shoe rack. 

It is in pretty good shape, needs a bit of cleaning but it is solid and I paid a very fair price for it. We need to move some furniture around and send some to our booth at Weil Antique Center and some might even go to auction. But, that's okay because I got my rack and I LOVE it. 

Here are two pictures of it. Nothing on it yet, just a crock on the lower shelf, but you just wait until it is decked out :-).

Thanks for stopping by and have a great rest of the weekend. And don't forget to go out and see that Full Wolf Moon.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Well, it feels like Winter has finally arrived. 14.5 degress with a wind chill of 1 this morning. Pond is frozen on the perimeter but the middle is fine. That is where the Canada Geese stayed all night. About 35 - 40 flew in late yesterday. They are sunning themselves on the hill side now, poor guys but they are probably warmer then me :-). 

Tuesdays are our work day at the auction house. Thank God we are inside!! Got my eye on what is being called a baker's rack, but I need to see what it looks like in person first.

Have a wonderful day and stay warm.

Till next time.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

A picture or two

I promised that I would post pictures of our purchases from the auction last Tuesday but some how the days have been getting away from me. I did manage to snap two pictures of the wire basket though. We purchased two, one is in the shop. It was out of square so Les needed to work on it. They stack on top of each other. Les thought that they might have been a store display.

We do really well at our antique shows in New Jersey with wire/metal industrial look items so that is where they will be heading this Spring.

We did purchase other items and I will get some pictures of those items posted as well. In the mean time, What do you think of these cool baskets?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mid-Week @ ginnysyard

We worked at our first auction of 2013 last evening. It felt good to get back to our routine. We also were successful in purchasing a few things. I will take some pictures and post them later today or in the next day or so.

It is a busy day here at our place. Workmen are down in our shop, a.k.a Duck Hilton replacing a hot water heater. It was our choice in away. We had a 40 gallon oil fired h/w heater that was going south and really was not needed any longer. So, we are getting a 6/10 (not sure) gallon electric h/w heater. It will save us on oil in the shop, that is a good thing. Also they are replacing a leaky faucet, also a good thing so I will no longer have frozen drains in the Winter.

Up at the house our handyman is repairing our front storm door, some general caulking and getting the lock to work better.

Hope everyone is having great days in 2013, I know we are trying. See you soon.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

What a Friday

Without going into to much detail and bore the heck out of my readers Friday was not a good day financially for our household. Last January we purchased a 2008 Jeep Liberty (four wheel drive is a must on top of the hill). With that purchase the dealer included a lifetime engine warranty, not bad you say. What they did not tell us or even have written any where is that you must have what they call a engine flush once a year to keep the warranty in effect. Still, not bad we would only have to pay approx. $100.00 for this and we would be good to go for another year. I had a few minor issues with the Jeep and also asked that they look into them while it was there. Well............. $1700.00 later and my Jeep will be good as new or would that be used new? Ends up we need a power steering pump, a power steering rack, a alignment (cuz you need to do that after you replace the pump and rack), and rear brakes. Oh, and the engine flush. And we could not get the Jeep back in the same day! So, all my plans swirling around in my head for saving money and not having to charge anything flew right out the window. Not much I can do about it, but boy was I in a bad, bad mood yesterday. So much so, that I gave myself a headache. Feeling better today, but I am still poor :-( . Hope everyone has a great weekend. I have started to clean my work - home- our business office this week so that should keep me busy and out of trouble.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013