Saturday, January 26, 2013

OH Yeah!!!

If you remember back on Tuesday of this week Les and I were off to work at the weekly auction and I was going to look at what was being called a bakers rack. Well, we had a indication that it was not a bakers rack but in fact a wooden rack from a shoe factory. I have wanted one of these racks FOREVER, FOREVER I tell you. And low and behold guess what I got? You are right!!! I got the shoe rack. 

It is in pretty good shape, needs a bit of cleaning but it is solid and I paid a very fair price for it. We need to move some furniture around and send some to our booth at Weil Antique Center and some might even go to auction. But, that's okay because I got my rack and I LOVE it. 

Here are two pictures of it. Nothing on it yet, just a crock on the lower shelf, but you just wait until it is decked out :-).

Thanks for stopping by and have a great rest of the weekend. And don't forget to go out and see that Full Wolf Moon.


  1. Great find Ginny! Can't wait to see it all decked out! I'll be looking for the moon. Julie.

  2. Cool piece Ginny....I have one in the store although the pegs were all broken and Tony could only save one rack - we put old wood to make shelving - and it has that little wire do-hickey just like yours...XO