Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Crazy Week

Hope everyone is well and staying warm if you are having the cold, cold weather that has been hanging around for way too long.

We started out having to clean up after yet another storm on Monday and boy it was a heavy snow. Thankfully we did not get the ice/freezing rain but we did get about 5 inches of heavy snow. We followed that up by having to wring out a washer full of wet clothing. Yes, after 27 years my washer has died. Les and I have been kidding with friends on fb that it could have held out for 30 years, but Nooo, lol. So yesterday and today we have been doing our homework online and looking at the big box stores. But, today we took a trip to a local Mom and Pop store to have a peek at what they had to offer. Well, I will not say they are less expensive, far from it but we are getting a Washer that is made in America (Wisconsin) with a three warranty. It will fit in the space that I have so no buying a dryer that I did not need to make the big box store washer work. It will be delivered on Friday of this week, they will haul away the old one and it comes with new hoses (again, unlike the big box store who insist you purchase them). So, what are we getting? A Speed Queen Washer. After seeing it in the store we came home measured and I called to see when we needed to come back and order it and guess what? I did it all on the phone, no running back to the store. Customer Service!!

Our work is not over yet, as we now need to get the standing water out of the old washer, this should be fun, Ha!!

Have a good evening and I will let you know how everything comes out in the wash (had to say it).

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  1. I love your humour! :) I am not familiar with Speed Queen, but I hope it will work well and be a good washer for your needs.

    It has been really cold here in Montreal, cold, in fact, that several water mains have burst and caused flooding and ice in some areas. You can imagine the mess. It was so bad in one area that they had to dig several cars out of the ice that was created due to a water main bursting.

    Take care of yourself, and stay safe, and thank you so much for your return visit and kind comment on my blog today. I post daily, so I hope that you find my posts to be a source of joy and encouragement.