Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hello March

As I write this post snow once again is coming down at a pretty good rate here in Eastern Pennsylvania. I guess in like a Lion is holding true this year, let's hope the Lamb is not too far behind.

What do I like about March? Daylight Savings begins in a week, this is good for us because it gives Les a bit of freedom in driving. In the Winter he can't drive much past 3pm.

St.Patrick's Day, not Irish, but who isn't on that day, lol.

SPRING!!!!!!!!!!! Yay, woot, woot. I think everyone is ready this year.

Spring flowers, ahh I can smell them now.

And finally, Birthdays, in particular my BIRTHDAY at the end of the month. Thinking that I am going to make it a birthday month and do good things for myself all month long.

Have a great Sunday everyone.


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  1. Sweet post. And it is so true, who is not Irish on St. Patrick's Day. Everyone enjoys the occasion and wears something green. You have a lovely blog. :)