Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wednesday, Wednesday

Hope everyone is well and if you have been in the path of the storms that you are handling it the best that one can.

I have been in such a slump and I just can't get going. I have things piling up around me and no energy to get on with it. I have goods thoughts in the middle of the nite that when I get up I won't sit too long in front of the TV and I will do this and that but, nope it does not happen. Enough already self.

One thing I do everyday without fail is fill my bird feeders. Boy it has been brutal for the birds. But I now have to take my large hopper feeder in at nite because a herd of deer (8 to 10) are destroying it. So the sucker :-) that I am, I now put out corn cobs and rice chex ceral (they love it) and carrots for the deer. It is hard for them as well. I think they appreciate it or I like to think they do!

Well not much else happening here. Oh yeah, new washer is great!!

Have a great day everyone.

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