Friday, February 6, 2015

It's Friday

Sunny, bright and COLD here in eastern Pa. 8 degrees when we woke up, wind chill of 4. Brr, makes me cold to tell you.

We are off to our booth in a bit, to pay our monthly rent, put up a couple of shelves that will hold spice tins, tobacco tins, etc. and just tidy up. It always needs tiding up. I did not get out to the shop this week, just too cold. We keep the temps down out in the shop so that we are not looking a a big oil bill for both the house and the shop. But at 50 degrees, things just get cold and stay cold and it takes a while for the the place to heat up. So not much going in this week to the booth, but I will get in gear next week and have treasures o'plenty to take in.

We are looking at yet another storm late on Sunday/Monday so that means moving the snow blower up to the porch this weekend, this is getting real old, lol.

Have a great day and a wonderful weekend.

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