Thursday, February 5, 2015

Nothing New Thursday

Happy Thursday Everyone. Sitting here looking out the window as I type watching the birds flying from here to there trying to stay warm I am sure. It looks beautiful out there in Eastern Pa but boy is it ever windy. Our high which was in the upper 20's was reached early this morning. We also had a dusting of snow but once the snow stopped the winds picked up and have not stopped yet. Got all of my errands done before it was too cold out this morning and  I am still thinking about going out into the shop and poke around in totes for things to take to our booth at Weil Antiques. I have been very good about going to our booth once a week and it certainly has paid off for us.

Hope you are enjoying your Thursday wherever you are. Have a great afternoon and evening, going down in the single digits tonight, so I won't be straying far from my recliner and blanket!

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