Monday, February 2, 2015

Rodent Alert

Old Punxsy Phil came out at 7:25 am and was in a bad and feisty mood! 6 more weeks of Winter, boo, hiss. Not much that we can do but roll with it.

We received our snow/sleet/ freezing rain/rain over night and into this morning, what a big mess. Les and I bundled up and got our morning workout, boy the slop was heavy but surprising the snow blower did a good job and with my shoveling we cleaned up the driveway, etc. Now we await the rapid freeze that has all of our local weather weenies talking about. Sounds like the next 36 hours are not going to be good or above freezing, tonite we are going down to 8 degrees! Yikes, more wool blankets and two cat nite on the bed.

Hope everyone who is in the path of the latest storm or cold weather stays safe.

Have a great afternoon and evening.

Are you still hanging on to Christmas decorations? Today's the day to take them down!! 

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