Sunday, December 6, 2009

Is Your Snowblower Ready?

Ours isn't. It's buried behind many, many items. Who knew that we could use it after Saturday's snow. This was to be a 1-3 incher. Our last measurement was over 5 inches. Getting back to the snowblower, here is a bit of trivia, it was invented in 1925 by a man in Quebec, it uses a pumplike system of impellers to break up the snow and force it through its stack and out of its path. Some say, that it flies harmlessly into another jurisdiction. All of the pictures that are posted were taken by Les this morning before the neighborhood started to movc around and before the snow started dropping off the trees. We will be going out shortly to clear off the cars and do a bit of shoveling. And if the sun stays out, I will be hanging out the holiday flags and maybe get some pictures of them as well. Have a great Sunday.

Looking down the hill from our mailbox. Isn't it beautiful?

Front of the Duck Hilton and our workshop. Star will soon be changed to a wreath.

Red bow on a small piece of iron fence.
The fence was to be inventory for Black Duck Antiques, you see how far it got.

Deer tracks in our front yard, heading to the Juniper bush. Yummy.

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