Thursday, December 3, 2009

Heat's On

Here is a picture of our two girls. Dolly (in the background) and Maggie (front). For some reason, this year they have taken to sitting on top of the radiator. They are sisters and both are 6 years old. Maybe they need a little more warmth now that they are getting older. This is a rare occasion that they both are sitting together. Dolly is our timid one, Maggie is the bully, but that night they were being pals and getting along, usually Dolly steers clear of Maggie. I just finished putting a Banana Bread in the oven. It is a recipe from my M-I-L, she got it off of the back of a package of Diamond Walnuts. It's a favorite of ours. And for some reason it only gets made this time of year. When my M-I-L was living she always made two, one was put in the freezer for Christmas morning and we ate that while opening presents. I don't carry on the tradition of making two, but I always have some type of bread or muffin made for us on Christmas morning. I'm taking off tomorrow and I'm thinking of hitting a small mall near us. We don't really do Christmas shopping for each other, but around this time of year I like to go and window shop. Boscov's, one of the anchor department stores at the mall is having sales on insulated curtains/drapes and we could use some of those for the drafty windows. With any luck if the weather is decent this weekend I would like to get outside and do a little decorating, put up some wreaths, garden flags (Christmas ones of course) and I don't know what else just yet. We also need to get some more wood on the porch for the wood stove. Well I left Les watching the timer for the banana bread, but I want to be near by when it goes off. Have a good evening.

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