Tuesday, December 8, 2009

If it's Tuesday, It Must Be Auction Day

That's where we were today, at a auction. Tuesday's are my day off and we attend a auction just about every Tuesday to replenish our stock for Black Duck Antiques. We got some neat stuff, a couple of benches (for those of you who have front/back porches), a primitive garden sieve, a make do medicine cabinet (needs a good cleaning) some advertising tins (tea, soap, etc) a piece of Wedgewood, which is not something I normally buy, but for some reason I can sell a piece here and there. Today's piece cost $3.00, can't go wrong there. And my favorite from today's haul are 12 pieces of handmade (in Germany) winter ornaments. They are made out of some type metal (heavier then tin) and painted. There are trees, sleds with horses, a few people and a snowman. The set will most likely go to one of our shows next year. Oh yeah and a pantry box, which has been repaired, but it's got some age to it and I will most likely keep that for my self. Well, its been a long day of sitting and we may head to another auction tomorrow, but we will need to see what the weather will bring, our weather weenies are calling for another 1-3 inches of snow before turning to rain!! We will see. Have a good evening

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