Tuesday, December 1, 2009

All Done For The Season

We had our last Antique Show for 2009 and we are happy to report that it ended on a profitable and happy note. We will start up again in March 2010. It has been a while since I posted, almost a month to the day and I hope to correct that. I really enjoy reading blogs and hope if I post more, I will pick up readers. December 1st already!! Yikes, I have not started to even decorate, I still have to close up the house for Winter ( pull down storm windows, heavier curtains, etc.) If you remember we live in a old house, not very energy efficient, so what ever we can do to improve that will help. I really don't decorate that much, all of our family lives in other states, most in NJ, but rarely get to come to PA for a visit. You see, I'm the baby of the family which means they are older then me and use that as a excuse, i.e. It's so far to PA, why don't you come to NJ. Hello, last time I checked the mileage was the same and not bad at all. So, you may ask why don't you go to NJ? Well, we really never get a invite, though we are always asking them. Enough about the family. Back to decorating, I think I will do a bit more then usual, but in a Primitive/Country way. But, for now the cats are crying for dinner and I have some work to do. I hope everyone has a good evening.

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  1. Hi Ginny...not doing tons of decorating this year either...just a bit to make it home sweet home as no one really comes anymore. For the opposite reason - my children both have 4 little ones so we go to either of their homes(yippee) All the toys and lots of room for the little ones to run and play with each other. THEY ARE CLOSE THOUGH...I think I get my decorating out of my system with the store! I do have fresh evergreen wreaths on the front and side doors...now to do the rest...!!! Have fun decorating..Judy