Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Will the Sun Ever Come Out?

Boy, if you live in the Northeast I bet you are asking yourself this same question. Make sure the sunglasses are clean, cuz you will need them when the sun does come out!! Not much new around ginnysyard. Went to a auction yesterday, bought a few little bits, a few will go for the shows we have coming up and few are for the booth at Weil Antique Center. Still trying to get plants in the ground, but not having much luck. Mr. & Mrs. Goose's kids are growing like weeds, maybe the rain is doing that, but it won't be long now before they have their feathers and off they go. We won't miss them too much, as you know they can make a awful mess. Buddy is doing good, I actually got to pet the top of his head for a split second and then he hissed, so I thought leave well enough alone. He really is a sweety!! Have a good evening.

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  1. Aww I am sorry you haven't had the great weather we had here in MA the last few days. It has been sunny and cool and dry. Just splendid for June. I hope you get some soon!! hugs, Linda