Monday, June 1, 2009

All Done......For Now

Good Morning, What a great weekend in PA, hope is was great in your part of the world. We got our other raised built and fill with dirt and have started to plant, Woo Hoo!! We now need to mix dirt for the second bed, but I think we have some time yet. All of our seeds that we started two weeks ago have yet to sprout. I think its just has not been warm enough at night, some of the gourds have start, but that is it. Tomato plants are all in, two by the side door and one out in the raised bed. We also got our pop-up set-up which we will be using on Sunday at our Antique Show, it really was quite easy. I know you are all saying where's the pictures, well we have been without internet service since last week, so this is coming from work. We expect to back on line today, so pictures will be coming soon. Have a great Monday!!

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