Monday, June 15, 2009

Not So Young Anymore

Well, after a weekend of gardening or should I say excavating, the title of my blog says it all!! After going shopping for treasures for our upcoming Antique shows on Saturday morning, Les and I decided it was time for us to try and tackle the back 40 (only kidding, its more like a acre). Now mind you this is about as far as you can get from our house and still be on our property, and we don't have one of those fancy ATV's or a golf cart, which seems to be the mode of transportation in our area. So we pile the tools into the wheel barrow and off we walk. The dirt out there is supose to be topsoil, HA HA, Les said if we sifted out all the rocks we could make our own redware dishes, etc. So, Les dug and dug and then the big rains came and stayed all afternoon and into the night. Sunday morning we drag everything back out only to find that the holes are completely full of water and not draining. So we walked the property some more and found different soil, still not topsoil, but it had promise. So, Les dug again and we mixed up dirt and planted our gourds that we started from seed out on the flats. But, it has been decided unless we get some real equipment for digging, smoothing out, etc. we cannot work this part of our property, we are just not so young anymore!! Oh, did I mention that the flat is full of ROCKS!!, STICKER BUSHES!! and WEEDS!! So, if anyone hears of some excavting equipment that is for sale, real cheap give me a holler, I just might have to buy it. Have a good evening everyone.

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