Thursday, June 4, 2009

No Tone

Good Morning, we still have no internet. The person that came out on this past Monday, said no problem with the line, what he meant was no problem outside, now they tell me we need a inside person, and it might not be until this coming Monday!! so, I got a bit loud and now they are checking into a earlier appt. Patti at The Brickhouse asked what flowers I'm trying to sprout for drying, and I will be darned but all that comes to mind is the Cornflowers. My mind is blank, oh yeah we also started some Bee Balm, maybe some Statice. And we promise as soon as we are back on line, we will get some pictures of the raised beds. One you will need to use your imagination, it has no dirt in it, yet. Tonite we need to pull out inventory, so we can sell, sell, sell (I can hope) at our show this weekend. Thank you all for Les' B'day wishes, dinner was good if I say so myself. Have a good day.

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