Monday, June 8, 2009

A Good Weekend

Good Morning, Hope everyone had a good weekend. Here in PA the weather was great on Sunday, not too shabby for Saturday either. We now have our internet back, it was fixed late Friday afternoon, only took four visits from Verizon, sure glad we were not paying for this. Our antique show could not have gone better (unless we sold all of our goods). All the furniture that we took, sold and we sold a mixture of small items, i.e. watering cans, feed sacks, sprinklers, crockery, etc. Now we need to stock up for our next two shows coming up this month. Tomatoe plants are growing, snow peas will soon be ready for picking and our seeds that we planted are coming along, slow though. I hope everyone has a great Monday.

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  1. Hi Ginny....Happy your antique show was good...not much happening around here. The weather was just too nice and I am guessing all my customers were at your antique show...(big smile)!! Where are your next shows?? Glad your bigger items sold - means things are looking up ! Have a great week.....I will check in to see how the "internet saga" is going...Hugs, Judy