Friday, June 5, 2009

Wet & No Internet

Everyone must be tired of me saying "No Internet". But, can you believe in this day of high tech, Verizon cannot figure out what is wrong at our house. Our house line is fine, computer line, no good. This is the third day that they will be coming to our house. When I called this morning, we were second in line, I just called, sorry he didn't get there this morning, but he is in your neighborhood, your next. Les said he is going out to find him and ask him if he needs any help, so we can move him along. Okay enough of that. Is everyone as tired as us with this rainy and chilly weather? Here in Hellertown it is just 58, not nice. Even the ducks and Buddy are sick of the rain. We have strange ducks, they really do not like the rain. Can't get them out of the coop if it is raining, just give us corn, git and water Ginny and we will see you tonite. Buddy has been coming and going the last couple of days. I really think he is being hassled by Pop Goose (they got the five babies), so he was laying low out in our field, not a good place for him, but I can't change him. Not much happening in the garden, no sun, nothing sprouts. But, boy are the birds ever hungry in our yard. How about yours? I can't keep the feeder full. Have a good afternoon and nice weekend.

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