Tuesday, March 1, 2011

In Like A Lamb

Well, March rolled in like a lamb. And, boy was it ever nice out today. Sun shining bright, birds singing, I even stood outside on the jobsite and talked a while with my people. Did you know I had people? That's what I call the sub-contractors that work with me, MY PEOPLE. We are headed out tomorrow to meet up with a couple of other antique dealer friends to do a little shopping, thank goodness we don't deal in too much of the same thing, or their could be trouble, LOL. Hope everyone is enjoying their evening and doing what makes you happy. Almost forgot, I picked up Country Sampler's Home Tour Edition 2011, only just started going through it, and I like what I see. Take Care


  1. Our March rolled in like a lion! Yesterday was horrible weather. But today it was gorgeous and sunny. The sun felt nice though the temps were only in the low 30's

    You asked about my peanut feeder and the squirrels. Usually I bring the feeder in during the day before I leave for work, then put it back out when I get home. It's unfortunate but if I don't do it that way the squirrels and nuisance birds will clean it out in a day!

  2. Oh I have to run out and get that magazine-I love it! Hope you got some good finds on your hunt.

  3. March came in like a lamb here as well so we'll see what happens, I wonder if I can get that magazine here. I use to buy it several years back and haven't come across it in a while. It's sunny out today but cold.
    Have a wonderful day,

  4. HOPE YOU HAD A GREAT SHOW TODAY!!! I was thinking about you and wishing I could have come!! Fondly, Judy