Monday, March 14, 2011

Been Busy Doing Stuff

Not sure where the first half of this month went. I have been busy with my Mon-Fri. job in the constrution business. Things are picking up a bit, so I need to be on board with that. Also, show season is picking up. We have had shows in January and February, of which we had not had in the past, so that is a good thing. And this past weekend we had a two day show. We were very happy that the rain had stopped by the time we needed to load in on Friday and that the rest of the weekend was rain free. Shows take alot out of people, pack your truck, load into the venue, set-up, selling (hopefully), break down, pack the van and then unload the van. Very much I'm guessing the same as if I had a retail store that I needed to prepare for customers, except I don't get to stay put!! But, we are very happy that we do have customers in today's economy when there is so much I'm sure that they could spend their money on. I have been reading everyone's blogs about their Spring decorating/events, I just didn't have time to post on my own blog, but I did comment on many of yours. Need to get in gear and get some things done. Hope everyone has a great Monday.The above picture is where we set-up this past weekend. 


  1. Looks like a great place for a show. I've done a few of those and will be doing some more this summer. You are right, they are a lot of work and leave you exhausted. Hope you did well with you sales and thanks for stopping by my blog to visit.

  2. Hi Ginny--I’m with you-I have a lot of spring decorating to do myself. I haven’t done anything and it’s time to get in gear I think. I also wanted to thank you for your sweet comment on my post today--it helped :)