Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dud or Whopper ?

If you had asked me last evening after listening to the weather weenies I would have said that the storm had the makings of a whopper, but low and behold tonite the six o'clock news said we (Lehigh Valley) had been down graded to a Winter Weather Advisory. This was after this morning we were under a Winter Storm Warning. So, while I do believe that March is going out like a lion, it's not a lion that we can't handle and I proclaim it's a Dud!! Let's all hope that this is the end of the snow until Dec.2011, say the 24th or 25th!! It does sound like our friends in the New England area will get the worst of this storm. Let's pray that it's a Dud for them as well. Have a good evening friends.

1 comment:

  1. Ginny, we here at Dog Trot Farm are prepared for snow, a foot! I'll keep you posted!