Tuesday, April 23, 2013

More photo's of our Booth

Here are some additional photo's of our booth. I should add that some of the items in these photo's sold two days after I shot these. Now that is what we call a quick turn around. BIG SMILE.

The pile of wood items (really shutters and some type of wood hangers) were a few of the items that sold. We really have very good luck with any type of shutters that we sell. Hey maybe I am selling them too cheap, lol.

The blue and white bowl in the lower right corner is another item that sold. It is from Bavaria/Germany, good shape, no chips.
As you can see, still plenty of items, but this week I will be taking more in and moving things around. A day in the life of a antiques dealer who has lots of stuff, lol.
Have a great day!! Off to work at our Tuesday Auction and maybe find another treasure of two. Oh wait, didn't I just say we have too much stuff!!! Ha Ha

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  1. Hi Ginny, can you ever have to much stuff? I love stuff, it makes a house a home!!! In my book you and the Mister have the perfect job, and I ask you, who does not love attending auctions! The booth looks great and I am happy to read you are making sales...Greetings, Julie.