Thursday, April 4, 2013

Life with a Pond

Life with a one acre pond can be fun (if you have a row boat).

Life with a one acre pond can be sad (like when a snapping turtle bites your ducks foot).

Life with a one acre pond can be hard work. A couple of times during the year, especially at the beginning of Spring we need to clean the outlet of all the Winter debris and get the water moving again. If we don't do this we have a very soggy yard and with Spring rains we don't want the yard to be flooded. Cleaning the outlet means you put on your old clothes, your Wellies grab your rake and saw. The saw is to cut all of the Willow roots that clog the outlet. Willow roots are the toughest thing I have ever seen. It gets so matted that it looks like carpet, brown soggy carpet that is. But we got the water moving and we will check on it tomorrow to see how we did.

But, life with a one acre pond can you smile. Today while we were out we got to see where Mrs. Canada Goose is nesting. Guess where? Yes you got very close to the outlet. She will need to keep a eye on those goslings once they are hatched or off they will go. We also had a visitor today. A male Common Goldeneye (picture is below). What a swimmer and diver he is, fun to watch. And of course the day would not be complete without a pair of mallards to join in on the fun. Mr. Goose is not fond of all the visitors and let everyone know it. Oh the honking!!!

Life with a one acre pond......Interesting.

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  1. For all your hard work you reap such wonderful rewards! I would say it is just lovely to have a once acre pond!