Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day & Gettin' The Porch Ready

Happy May Day Friends. While the day started out sunny it clouded over but I still managed to get a picture of our Redbud Tree down by the pond. And if you look to the lower left you can see Momma and the goslings. The babes are sitting down but that yellow that you are seeing in the grass is the goslings. Still no sight of the other family. I try and not think about it, because like I said in a earlier post they have done this before. Les and I have been busy getting our screen porch ready for the Summer. And to do that we need to move our business inventory around. Over the Winter we use the screen porch as a storage area when we can't get out to our sheds. And we all know how much snow we had around these parts, so the porch was pretty full. We had been outside for about four hours today. We moved furniture, plastic totes (we keep small items in these)and we have moved porch furniture, and we still are not done. But, we ran out of energy. Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. Take care.

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  1. The RedBud Tree is gorgeous, I love the color of them in early Spring.
    What a peaceful spot to sit and ponder, and those babies with their momma, what could be sweeter !