Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Special Day

Thirty-Seven years ago today, May 4th, 1974, Les and I were married in a small chapel in the town that we grew up in, Metuchen, NJ. Unlike today the weather was beautiful. Blue skies, puffy clouds and WINDY!! So windy that I have a picture of us leaving the chapel and my veil getting wrapped around a column. I can still hear all the women gasping and runny to help me as I was being pulled backwards! So, what did we do today you ask? Nothing, Zip, Not a Thing. We did go out to our favorite seafood place nearby for a very, very, good dinner, drinks, dessert, coffee, in others words THE WORKS. Hope you have had a day just as wonderful as ours.


  1. Ginny, Happy Anniversary to you and your dear Husband, thirthy-seven years is something to be proud of!! Congratulations.

  2. Happy Anniversary Ginny! Now if you would have married a prince, a little more would have happened! :) Congratulations on your 37 years. Wow!

    Have a great weekend,

  3. Happy Anniversary. Dinner sounds fun and yummy. I could just see you guys sitting on your bench by the pond in your header holding hands - how romantic! Have a great weekend, Dawn

  4. Happy Mother's Day Sweet lady!!!
    Hugs Rosemary...XX