Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Full Moon

Tonite is the Full Flower Moon, so named because blossoms were abundant everywhere at this time. Maybe, for some but not all. Here is PA we are locked into yet another wet and windy week. It doesn't look like we will see the Sun until late this week. My perfect excuse for not doing gardening, LOL. No, really I would much rather be outside, but if it needs to rain let it rain during the week. Les & I work on Saturday (outside) at a auction and then on Sunday we have a antiques show (again outside) that we will be setting up at. Soooo, let it rain this week, sorry gardening friends, I know you will forgive me.


  1. Hi Ginny....First Happy Belated Anniversary to you and Les !! XOXO We just celebrated 44 yrs. in April (hmmmm that makes me old huh!!) Wishing you lots of sunshine this weekend even if it keeps our customers in their gardens and not out shopping...see....if they get their gardening done during the week, then they have the weekend to play and shop !!! I JUST NEED SOME SUN TO BRIGHTEN MY MOOD!! LOL!!

  2. Hi Ginny,
    Thanks for stopping at my blog and commenting...
    Hope you did not get all the rain we are getting here. If it does not stop soon, we will be floating away....Have a great weekend. Take care!