Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gosling Update Round 2

We think that all of the goslings that have hatched to date will be it. We have two familys, the legals and the illegals. The legals had a total of 8 goslings, illegals had a total of 5. So, there was a total of 17 Canadian Geese. Yes I said was. The other night our neigbor came to cut the lawn and scared all of the goslings, Moms and Dads into the pond. They all swam to the other side of the pond got out and then quickly got back in because the neigbor was cutting the lawn on that side. So, after the terrifying experience the legals up and left. Now mind you they need to walk, one day old goslings can not fly. This has happened before when we have two families, but it still is a bit concerning. We are also a bit upset with our neighbor, we told him that they were down by the pond and usually he is great about that. He is a real outdoorsman, hunts, fishes, birdwatching, so I don't know what happen to him. So that is our story. The illegals are around all the time, teaching the babies the way of life, but I wish the others would return as well. More updates to follow I'm sure.

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