Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Gosling Update

This morning I got my first real look at the new family. There are a total of eight goslings!! So cute, they can hardly stand but they are up and eating grass, Yummy!! Also, we discovered that we have a second family across the pond who has hatched about four, well that was what I could see. That family must have been here illegal, LOL because they kept themselves very hidden. Life at ginnysyard should prove to be interesting this Spring. Enjoy this day my friends.


  1. Very funny Ginny, now you must look after that family. I did have a wonderful Easter I hope you did as well. We are so far behind this spring I have no idea when anything is going to sprout. Your header is beautiful as always...
    Have a great Thursday,

  2. Hi Ginny-sounds so cute! Just gotta love spring! I hope I can get out your way soon....bad leg and all....I'm ready for a little PA love!

  3. Is there anything sweeter than a new family of baby ducks and their mother ?
    Sounds like a beautiful start to Spring !