Monday, January 3, 2011

No Big Hurry

I have been reading blogs and facebook on and off all weekend and it seems the the thing to do this past weekend and maybe a little before was to take down the Christmas decorations. Now I know all of you retailers need to do this to make room for the next big holiday, St.Valentine's Day. But, I'm a little surprized how many folks have dismantled the their house to put it back the way it was without Christmas. But, not me I will let my decorations linger until Candlemas Day. Some how that has become our tradition. Maybe it is because I don't decorate alot or maybe it's because I have not put up a tree in a very long while, but I'm still enjoying the lights, the smells, even watched a few Hallmark Christmas movies this weekend. But, hey that is just me. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season, even if you did take down your decorations. LOL


  1. You made me smile... I am an early Christmas a little child I can't wait for it to be Christmas and find the build up as great as the actual day...HOWEVER ...WHEN IT IS OVER IT IS OVER!!!! Dismantled...put away for another 10 months (and then it will be time to bring it all back out...)!!! I must order Christmas 2011 in the next month....not sure I am up to the feat!! Red Velvet hearts are beckoning!

  2. Hey Ginny!
    You have a very good point here. The retailers around here days before Christmas were setting up isles of Valetine hearts. :) I haven't taken my tree down yet, maybe today or tomorrow. :)
    Have a great week.