Sunday, January 23, 2011

National Pie Day

Happy Sunday and it's National Pie Day. A friend was kind enough to remind me this afternoon of this, so I couldn't let it go un-noticed. For dessert tonight we will have Pumpkin Pie, baked fresh today. Maybe, a cup of tes or decaf coffee to go with it!! Hope everyone is having a good weekend, it's down right frigid here in PA, last check it was 15 degrees, going down to 0 or below tonight. Stay warm, bake a pie!! LOL


  1. my favorite dessert is pie but not just any pie. I ordered pie at a resturant this past weekend and it was a gloopy over sweet mess.
    oh now you have done it I want pie.
    a nice crip slightly tart apple pie. mmmmmm
    happy pie week

  2. Pie day!!! I'm in! Any pie will do and I would try a little bit of everything. It would be expected of me right?
    Have a wonderful week.

  3. Hi Ginny-I will definitely contact you-I'm sure you have everything I love. I'm always looking for cubby type things, old boxes, peely painted anything, etc. And as I told you, I'm always out your way!

  4. Glad you got a new idea! Isn't it funny how much better things sell if customers can actually see how to use them??? I'd love to know more about your shop! We'll have to talk one day soon, Dawn