Friday, January 7, 2011

First Auction of the Year

What were they thinking is what you are probably asking yourselfs. But, all in all, the snow stopped here at about 11: 30 or so, then the sun came out and out we went. Now going into this we knew it was not going to be an all day auction, but we were out of there in less then two hours. Most of the items were outside, do I hear a Brrr? But, that was okay what we wanted was outside and we knew once we got what we went for we were out of there!! So, what did we get besides, cold hands, cold feet and runny noses? Not a whole heck of alot. We did get a four gallon crock, small chip on the rim, but it sounds & looks good. And then got a pair of white wooden goat cart wheels. Original paint still in good shape. And that my friends was it. I did try for a raised three panel shutter (only one) but it was in real good shape and our decorators who purchase from us would have scooped it up in a minute. But, I stopped at $20.00 and it kept on going. In all honesty there was not much else, but people were spending their Christmas money, like there would never be another Christmas. Have a great weekend.


  1. Hi Ginny, Thanks for stopping by my blog and following....So you did find a few nice things on your first auction of the year and many more to come I bet...Stay warm and enjoy your weekend!...Heidi

  2. Hey Ginny, I can't get over the snow everyone is getting, we have nothing very cold but a little dusting. I love auctions, keep us posted on your finds. Stay warm and I'll let you know if it snows here. :)