Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Buddy's Back

Good Morning,

Well, our Buddy is back. Buddy is a Canada Goose who arrived on our pond almost two years ago. Now, he did not fly to us as he has a broken wing. It was a old injury when he arrived, could have happened anywhere, but one thing is for sure he covers alot of ground on his two webbed feet. In February of 2008, he walked off one morning, not sure where he went. But, August of 2008 he was back and this time had a mate. Now, Girl Friend can fly somewhat, but chooses not to. So, I fed them both all winter and this was a nasty winter in ginnysyard, lots of ice, cold cold days and nights and wind. Both of them were well fed. So, fast forward to March 13th 2009, a Friday I might add, and Buddy is gone. Girl Friend was still around but very sad, so I thought the worse that something had gotten him. Well, she disappears about a week later. So, now we only have our pair that come once a year to raise their family, which are doing very well and the goslings are growing every day. Well here it is May 13th, and Buddy was out in the yard this morning!! I said Hi Buddy, welcome back and he was so happy to see me, he flapped his good wing, enough to say Hi Ginny, I'm back, can I have some corn? It is a happy morning in ginnysyard. Buddy got his corn.

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