Saturday, August 4, 2012

THREADS.....The magazine

How many of you remember this magazine? How many are addicted to magazines and cannot throw any away? How many of you still have Threads Magazine from Oct./Nov. 1985 (Premier Issue) thru Aug./Sept. 1991? Well I can answer YES to all of the above questions. But, it is time to get rid of stuff and Threads is one of the items that will be leaving my office closet. I tried selling them a few years back and I could not. But, that was before I blogged and now I will offer them to you my friends. It is a total of over 30 magazines and a quick look thru and it does appear that I am missing any, so they are complete years. I would like to get $30.00 for all plus shipping. If you are inerested in them, please e-mail me @ I will keep them until Wednesday August 8th, 2012. Garbage man comes bright and early Thursday morning and as much as it will pain me I have to let them go. Have a great Saturday!!

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  1. Hi Ginny,
    I don't have that magazine, but I have many....Martha Stewart Living, Country Living, Country Home, Fine Gardening, A Primitive Place, just to name a few. I bought special bookcases to store them in my craft room. It is an addiction. I do go back and read them and use DIY articles too. Thanks for the kind comment.