Friday, August 3, 2012

Cool Baths & Frozen Peas

The above title says it all, for The Duck Hilton that is!! Many of you know that I have ducks and did raise quite a few at one time. I am down to just three senior ducks now. Two girls, they are Black Ducks, hence our antiques business name and one male, who is a Pekin. Danger Duck, the Pekin is older then the girls and does not get around real well. He is blind in one eye and is pretty lame. So, sometimes he gets stuck in corners, etc. and just waits for me to find him and help him out. With all of the hot, humid weather we have been having I have taken to putting him in our laundry tub filled with cool water. Oh, what a blast he has!! :-). My two girls can still get around and they take care of themselves with a plastic tub of water. But, while DD is getting his bath, he and the girls get frozen peas as snacks. OMG, who knew that was the next best thing to sliced bread, or at least my ducks think so. So, if you have ducks maybe even chickens try the frozen peas, I like to think it is to them what a ice pop is to us. Have a wonderful evening and great weekend my friends.


  1. Thanks for the idea Ginny, a bag of peas is a bit cheaper than watermelon, which is what I have been serving my girls (chickens) during this hot spell.I would love to see a photo of your well pampered senior duck! Hoping that you are enjoying summer, greetings from Maine, Julie.

  2. Hi Ginny,
    I had to smile reading your post. That is so sweet what you wrote about DD. And who knew about the frozen peas. Wishing you and the feathered friends a wonderful weekend.