Monday, August 13, 2012

Not So Busy Week

Good Monday Morning, This week will bring a slower pace for Les and myself. Last week we were setting up a auction which took place on Friday, but not this week.

This morning we will head out to a work aquanitance of mine who has sold her home and has some "stuff" we may be interested in. Her husband has collected tools and what have you over the years, so we will see. Lately we have been pretty selective in what we are purchasing due to the economy. People are having a hard enough time filling the gas tank and putting food on the table. So, the last thing they need to buy is collectiables and antiques.

We will be getting guests, both family and friends later this month so we are not without things to do. We also are saving our energy for one last BIG auction for our friends who we have been doing a house cleanout for. This will be the last of three auctions we have had for them.

Have a great day and a great week if I don't get back here to say Hello.


  1. Ginny, sounds like you are one busy gal. I would love to attend one of your auctions, by the way I love that red cart in your header photograph, it sure would look nice here at Dog Trot Farm! Have a great week, Julie.

  2. sounds like hard work, but a lot of fun. But enjoy your down time.

  3. Your header picture is gorgeous Ginny!
    Have you tried an online store for your smaller items?
    I know you travel all over and this is something you love to do, it is a shame about the economy.
    I do hope things get better for all those having a hard time.
    Hugs Rosemary...xo