Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Well, we turned the page on the calender to February, but we did not turn the page on the weather. I don't believe that there is anyone that will not be touched by this latest storm that is upon us. Though, by the blogs that I am reading we are all becoming old hands that this. We are all stocked up on the usual staples, bread, eggs and milk. Candles are at the ready, wood has been brought in, extra water is on hand. For some, their favorite garden books or magazines are spread out across the Kitchen table, cup of tea near by while they thumb their way thru Spring. While others have their handy work at the ready if the power should go out. For me, I decided that today will be the day I tackle the work/home office. Time to file papers (ugh), work on the books for the business and just tidy up in general. Whatever you are planning on doing this 1st day of February, be safe, stay warm and enjoy!!

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  1. Hopefully you never lost your power! We had a lot of snow but never lost our power, thank goodness.

    I really worry about how the wildlife are going to fare through such awful weather, especially the deer. Sweet photo.