Sunday, December 5, 2010

Decorating the Kitchen

Good Evening All, Boy has it been cold here in Williams Township, a.k.a Hellertown, PA. A little too cold this early in December. I have been busy today decorating the my Kitchen. It isn't really Christmas decorating, more like Winter decorating. I have a bit more tweaking, then I will take pictures and post them. Along with decorating I made Tomato sauce & meatballs and Beef Burger Soup. I/we have a busy week coming up and at least I will have dinner made for he nights we will get home late. Thank you to the couple of new followers to my blog, I love it when I see someone is interested in seeing what I have to say. Now, mind you I don't have alot of followers, but I do appericate each one of you. I hope you all are enjoying your Sunday doing whatever makes you smile. Come back soon, for my Winter Kitchen Picture (s).


  1. Hi Ginny...

    It's FREEZING here in Connecticut too!

    If you decide to use your iron crib as a magazine rack, be sure to share pictures! I'd love to see a different take on it.

    Take care,

  2. Hereford too - no snow though and I hope it stays that way!! Just started decorating and keeping it minimal this year as I think I am all decorated out from the store!!(big smile)
    Wishing you and Les a MERRY CHRISTMAS - AND A HEALTHY & WEALTHY 2011 !!