Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day trip to Hereford and beyond

It was great to finally get out. No wind, not too cold and some sunshine. 1st stop; Cinnamon Stick, Hereford, PA. You all know Judy Doyle and if you don't, you need too. LOVE, LOVE her shop. So many great things to give to yourself, LOL or away. I suggest yourself, but that's me! And ladies when I say you need to see her new Make-Do Room on the second floor, well just get in the car and step on the gas. I want a room like that. I told Judy that I was going to come and just hang out up there and of course she said you go right ahead. Thanks Judy. After chatting and hugging goodbye we were off to our next stop, The Milkhouse Antiques Shop, sorry I forget the town, but it was on Horseshoe Pike, big, big old barn. Now, don't scream folks, but I was a bit disappointed. Loved the front entrance yard, lots of garden art peeking out of the snow and garden art is one of my favorite things, but, once inside I found too many repro's, not what a antiques dealer likes to see when they are looking to buy. Now, I know there are many reasons for what people sell and that is their business, but let's just say that we won't be going back too soon. Well enough of my goings on. Have a great evening

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  1. Hey Ginny, just popped over from Herbal Bouquet. great advice. On your post here sounds like you had a blast. I love your blog never knew you had one on your own duh! :) I wasn't paying attention but I've read your posts over at the Herbal Bouquet often.
    Happy New Year.