Monday, December 20, 2010

Big Night in The Skys and Last Minute Things

Well, it's a good thing Old St.Nick isn't riding thru the skys in the next 24 hours or so. We have a Full Lunar Eclipse, a Full Cold Moon and the Winter Solstice all coming up. All we need is a big ole snowstorm (only kidding ladies), I would panic too if that happened. Still need to go to the grocery store this week. Gift shopping is all done, but then I only have Les to buy for, oh yeah and the cats and ducks. Cats will get a toy from the grocery store and the ducks will get some extra spinach, LOL. We don't decorate that much since we got our two cats. They are terrors and for the first time in years we put up a small tree, so far it's still standing and I believe that it will. They are not one bit interested in it, that is until I go to put a decoration on it, then they check it out, but checking is all they have done. Still need to do baking, but there again not alot. It will be just Les & I and we like things simple. My biggest love is sitting in my chair all covered up and watch old movies or reading a book on Christmas Day, dinner will be some type of pasta, nice and easy. I bought my book weeks ago, so I will be set. Work is picking up (this is a very good thing) and keeping me busy. I need to go and write out my shopping list, I know that I will be there a long time and I don't want to forget anything if I can help it. Have a good evening and keep plugging away on your last minute things.

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