Thursday, January 7, 2010


Good Evening All. I have waited until the Holidays were over to post this blog simply because I did not want to put a downer on anyone's celebrations, including my own. Some of you may know that I work in new home construction. Need I say more!! I have been working four days a week for the last  1 1/2 years and grew a custom to one day less pay, etc. Well, now I'm down to two days a week and will be collecting unemployment for the other three. So, will there be changes? You bet. Some will be tough, cutting back on expenses for one, though Les and I are pretty much home bodies, we do attend auctions for our Antique business, BlackDuck Antiques and at times it can get pricey, like when you have to have that great looking piece of agate and so does some other lady and you have to battle it out!! But, I'm also looking forward to blogging some more, getting more items posted to my e-store as well as our e-store for BlackDuck Antiques and whipping our booth into shape at Weil Antique Center in Allentown. So, while I don't think I will be bored because I can always clean up the house (that will be my last resort) things will change, but one never knows, it may be a good change. Have a great evening.

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