Thursday, July 16, 2009

Quite in the Yard

Good Morning, just to update everyone, we finally found lounge chairs. We found them at K-Mart. I'm not really a KM shopper but we were in the area on Monday and said what the heck and there they were and at 25% off, can't beat that. Now we just need to make room on the screen porch and we will be sitting just fine. Slowly we are cleaning up the porch and the house, now that we have our new storage shed, many items that we take to our Antique Shows will be going in there. As far as our yard goes, all is quite. We believe that Mom & Pop Goose have left with the family, they had been teaching them how to flap their wings and take off and we have not seen them for over a week now. We are always happy to have goslings, but just as happy when they leave, way too messy as they grow up. Also, sadly I think Buddy is gone on to a better place for injured geese. He was have a terrible time getting around, his wing was caught under his leg and try as I might (just ask Les), I was unable to catch him and I did not want to chase him and cause him any more pain then I believe he was in. So, as hard as it was, I needed to let him do his thing and what it was/is we now have not seen him for a few weeks. But, mark my words if he comes back I will try and catch him again and if I do, he will be going in the Duck Hilton with the ducks for good!! Have a wonderful day.

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  1. Hi Ginny....We needed new chairs for the "car" know baseball, lacrosse games with the grandkids - I found the nicest chairs at Aldi on SALE for 10. each. Lightweight and easy to carry WITH A CUP HOLE !! Sorry about Buddy :( Hope you are having a great season. XO, Judy