Monday, July 27, 2009

Nine Dollar Wheel Barrow

Yes, that is what I paid for this great old wheel barrow, complete with drainage holes for the plants. I really liked the iron wheel and will use that some other way when it is no longer good for a planter. Plants were not a bad deal either. A entire flat which was six, six packs or a total of 36 Marigolds for $7.00 bucks. Everything I read says its too late for annuals, but what the heck be different if it makes you smile. And my wheel barrow and flowers do just that. Hope everyone has a good evening.


  1. I love it - my wheeelbarrow has been holding my annuals and mums and then greens in the winter for several years now. Let's hope that they last for mnay more!

  2. I have a good feeling that September is going to be our August as July was our you will be the smart one with beautiful flowers all the way up to frost !!! (one of the reasons we plant marigolds all over) !!! Great deal on the wheelbarrow - Judy