Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Full Moon

Good Day Everyone. I noticed today that I last posted on the first weekend of this month. And here it is just about the last weekend of the month.

Have not felt much like posting, being in a funk. Can't get moving. I am sure the weather does have something to do with it, but still can't make myself get on with stuff.

I am still working part-time and I need to resign myself that this is what it will be until there is no more company. One would think that getting paid for four days work and doing about one day of work would make me happy. But, no just not cutting it. How silly is this?

Full moon tonite will be the Full Worm Moon. It is called this because as the Sun increasingly warms the soil, earthworms become active. Okay, now all we need is the Sun!

Happy Passover to all of my Jewish friends.

Maybe I can push myself to come back before Easter, we will see.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Ginny,
    Wishing you too a Happy Easter! Hope that Spring will arrive soon so that we all have more energy again.
    Take care!