Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Time, where does it go?

I cannot believe that it is already February 1st. Seems like it was just New Year's Day and here we are getting ready for Super Bowl Sunday. Not us, we are not football people, but that is okay we can't all be alike, lol. Well, this year I had thought that I was going to start to blog more, well we can all see that didn't happen. But, I can't say that I have not been busy. Les and I now work for two auctioneers, one every week and the other once or twice a month. We have already did one antique show and are getting ready to do another on the 25th of this month. Plus doing my real job, which I just found out that I will be going on part-time unemployment :(, not happy, but at least I have a job. So, maybe that's why I haven't been posting. Well, I wanted to make this longer but I just got really tired, so I will close for now and I will try and post some more real soon. Still have info to share with all my blog friends.

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