Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Full Snow Moon

February's Full Moon was called the Snow Moon because it was a time of heavy snow. It was also called the Hunger Moon because hunting was difficult and hunger often resulted. Well, some of us may get a bit of Snow tomorrow but it certainly should not be a heavy snow (fingers crossed!!) Hope that you can go out tonite and catch a glimpse of the moon.


  1. We took two of our grandchildren for a evening stroll last night and they named the moon "God's flashlight". It was just beautiful! Have a great week, Dawn

  2. Ginny, Thank you for the kind comments in regards to Emma Lou, my late kitty. These past few nights Winslow Homer and I have been taking his midnight outting by moonlight, no flash light required! Blessings, Julie.

  3. Missed the moon...bummer...however what is that Farmer's Almanac saying about the rest of February?? March?? Please don't tell me it is going to be more winter!!